November 28, 2011


Seems like I brought home more than just memories from California. I had a mild flu this weekend that curtailed my activities. Four other family members from disparate locations also got sick, so it was something we caught out there. Nonetheless, I was able to begin the terrain forming at Brooke and at the tunnel to Aquia.

One of the two access holes I cut
First, I used my Sawzall all to cut access holes in the plywood table under the ridge. I tested out the holes and all of the hidden track is accessible for maintenance and cleaning.

Then I replaced the fascia section near the tunnel to bring the top edge higher, allowing a more natural ridge line near the portal. The higher ridge also helps block the view between the southern end of Brooke and Falmouth. This makes the layout feel bigger because you can't see all the scenes from one location.

Next I started adding cardboard webbing to create the ridge line. At the tunnel portal area I used upright pieces of foam to create the basic land shapes. I glued in the tunnel portal after checking clearance with the General, the tallest of my locomotives.

I also got my Sherline lathe set up and started making cannon barrels, but I'll cover those in a later post.

Testing clearances at the tunnel portal

Terrain webbing taking shape. Although just a ridge in O scale, it would be a huge
mountain in N or HO scale :)

Almost finished with the webbing. The new fascia piece is visible in the foreground.
Reaching the sky board at the ridge top is tricky, but doable with a step-stool.

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  1. i cant imagine how hard it is to create terrains like that for trains o scale. nice progress btw.