November 2, 2011

Thinning the herd

Alicia and I went on a purge after the flood, getting rid of many books, magazines, boxes and odds and ends that we just had hanging around. Most significantly, I gave away over 67 years of accumulated magazines. Marty got the complete CV HO Scale Coal Dock Diorama for use on his layout. JD and Brian got several of my N Scale structures that I have left over from other projects. I purged so much stuff that Alicia actually asked me if was clearing out stuff because I am terminally ill and not wanting to tell her. Not as far as I can tell - thank goodness.

As part of this clean-out I decided to sell some of my oNeTRAK modules. These were my Afton modules set featured in Great Model Railroads last year and in N Scale Railroading on a couple occasions. The buyer lives near Chicago. He made arrangements for Bill Carl to haul them out for him during the Trainfest.

I met Bill a few years ago when I photographed his club's, the Four County Society of Model Engineers (FCSME), modules for Kalmbach in 2004.

Here Bill is inspecting the burned station at Falmouth. Being a retired Army veteran who served in Bosnia, he was particularly impressed with that.

The FCSME have a bunch of extremely well done modules in HO scale.  Here are some samples of their work. They frequently exhibit at Great Scale Model Trains Show in Timonium.

Back on the Aquia Line, I took some photos of the smoke stack for the USS Passiac. I hope to get back working on the layout after CSC11. We leave in a few days for that show.

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