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November 8, 2011

Back in Operation... Finally!

Out town visitors was the final motivation I needed to finish up reorganizing the post-flood disorder. I got most everything put away, and cleaned the track to get ready for a visit by Scott Mason and his colleagues. They were in town for a custom layout project.

Scott, Dave, and Don (l to r) by Potomac Creek. Is that a Red Sox
sweatshirt in my basement?
I figured they would want to run something, so I fired up the DCC system. Oops, trouble. The McCallum headlight was flashing. A quick check on the Tsunami AT-1000 manual indicated that 10 flashes means voltage overload. I checked the power supply and sure enough, the variable voltage switch was maxed out. It must have been jostled during the flood chaos.  Setting it to 18 volts solved the problem.

A test run showed all systems go. The McCallum was running nicely. Scott, Dan Wickenheiser and Dave Vago showed up on time. Dave grabbed the throttle and took McCallum for a run from Falmouth to Brooke,  dropping a boxcar at Potomac Creek on the way. Then Scotty took the train back to Potomac Creek for a photo op.

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