February 15, 2012

Civil War Legacy Project at the Lyceum

The flyer for the event. Click for
larger image

Jim MacKay, the Director of the Lyceum-- Alexandria's History Museum, send out  this note alerting us to this event.

...an upcoming event at the Local History & Special Collections branch of the Alexandria Library.  On March 3rd, The Library of Virginia is sending a team to professionally scan privately held Civil War manuscript materials.  This is a great opportunity for private citizens to have their materials preserved in a digital form, and add to the educational resources that are available to current and future generations.
We hope that you can both take advantage of this opportunity, and help us let the public know about this event.

Jim also mentioned that the Lyceum has opened up a new exhibit depicting Alexandria in the Civil War. The new exhibit includes a mock-up of the roundhouse cupola with panoramic photos of the city. I haven't visited it yet, but plan to do so soon.  My model of the civil war railroad car float is also on display so you can check that out if you visit too.

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