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February 22, 2012

Morning Formation at Stoneman's Station

I painted some figures this week to populate the newly sceniced areas. This batch of 28mm Renegade Miniatures will be posed as a unit in morning formation. They are still on their paint sticks as I am waiting for another batch of similarly posed figures to come in from the custom painter. They should be arriving sometime in March. Then I will remove them from their sticks, cut off the bases and glue them into their final position.
This image at Falmouth is inspiration for this scene
I plan to mix is some other manufacturers figures to add some variation to the figures to match the image at the left.

I painted the figures as members of 1st Division, XII Corps. This unit was stationed near Brooke. I later decided that these soldiers will be stationed at Stoneman's Station, so I need to change their Corps designation to III or V Corps since those were the units near Stoneman's Station.

I also ordered some bell tents from Empress Miniatures. These are notionally tents from the British-Zulu War. They are not exactly correct for the ACW, but should be acceptable for background use. One drawback is that they are rather expensive at $15.00US each. The smaller bell tents in the background are from Reneda.

Renegade Miniatures 28mm figures awaiting final placement. Behind the men are two unpainted 28mm Bell tents from Empress Miniatures. In the far background are two bell tents from Reneda.


  1. Nice...be sure you make the "button counters" and reenactors happy. Call it "guard mount" as morning roll call is not with arms or with packs and blankets. Looks like this fine figures are still mounted on a painting stick.

  2. Right, they are heading straight to picket duty right after formation, so they were ordered to fall in with full gear.

  3. Very nice painting sir.

  4. Great! The Falmouth photo is one of my favorites. You have "it" with this set up.