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February 8, 2012

Oh black waters keep on rolling....

It's hard to believe, but we found another way to get water into the basement. This time an elbow joint on the exhaust pipe from the sump pump failed. It created a small hole that spewed water each time the pump operated. Of course, this leak was behind the sheet rock wall below the layout. I don't know how long it was leaking, but it eventually eroded a hole through the sheet rock and was spraying the benchwork legs with water. Fortunately, there was no damage to the layout or any of the items in the layout room.

The pipe repair was pretty simple. I haven't decided how much sheet rock to replace. For now I am letting it dry out.  I also took this opportunity to pull the old vinyl  from the floor.  I had been planning to do that job when I completed the scenery, but given I needed to dry things out, this seemed like a good time.

For those of you that are counting, this is the 5th flood we have had in this basement. Every one was caused by a new mechanism. We had the air conditioner drain plug up, then the hot water heater sprung a leak. These two were pretty minor messes. Next the sewage ejection pump failed. Because it smelled bad, we caught that early and no damage done. The worst was when the sump pump circuit breaker tripped during a heavy rain. We had a couple inches of water before we caught it. This latest flood was not too bad, but I am concerned about possible mold.

They are going to start calling me Noah....

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  1. Very bad luck.
    Hopefully these things come in groups and you've now had more than your fair share.