February 3, 2013

Half Tracked

I installed three of the planned six turnouts on the road show layout this weekend. It takes about 3 to four hours to install each turnout including making the switch stand.  Three more turnouts and the turntable and the track will be done. There is no wiring needed as we will be running battery equipped locos, though I may add recharge feeders to the engine terminal tracks so the engines parked there can be recharged. Then it is scenery and structures.

Depot siding. The red brick building is an O Scale kit that might be a quick and easy post office. 

Andy at Train Troll sent me a note to say he was beginning work on the O Scale packet boat. This is the HO model. The O Scale model will have slight differences as it is a packet boat while the HO model is a tow boat.


  1. I'm a bit confused - is this your layout or the modules? Either way, it is looking great!
    BTW, how big will the O-Scale Packet Boat be?

  2. This is the portable layout.

    The packet boat is based on the SS Clinch (see earlier post with a [photo). Andy has researched it and determined it will be about 30 inches long and 5 ft beam. It has a scow type hull. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-X-WpsftKex8/UHtVYWbERnI/AAAAAAAAEC0/l-1zsf-ndrI/s1600/ClinchUSQMD.jpg