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February 10, 2013

Tracking down

The bridge is not yet installed, so we can remove it
to put down scenery, which will be happening soon.
Gerry came up for a Road Show work session and we got a fair amount done. He finished laying the track on the bridge section and then drove spikes elsewhere on the layout. He was curious and counted the ties on the layout and came up with 750. So that means we'll need about 3,000 spikes. I need to order more but thankfully Gerry brought a fresh supply.

Gerry brought a fresh supply spikes and more chocolate cake

Two more down, one to go.....

In the mean time I laid in two more turnouts on the shipyard section. That leaves just one turnout and the turntable, then all the track will be done.
Pre-fabing the turnout bridles. I had pre-fabbed
 three switch stands earlier in the week.

Later in the evening we ran a test train and everything worked quite well.

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