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February 24, 2013

Look ma, no guard rails!

I installed the last turnout on the portable layout. All that remains are a couple guard rails and the track to the engine house and then all the track will be done. I am pleased to report that the turnouts are working just fine without the guard rails, but I will add them anyway.

I started building the turntable. I opted to go with a common USMRR design. This style of turntable is visible in at least three different locations on USMRR lines. It may be a standard design, though I have not found any documentation that can prove that.
The tricky part was designing the sloped pit. The photos show how I went about building it. Once the putty is dry, the pit will get a light coat of dirt and small rocks.  One prototype photo shows brick lining the upper wall of the pit. I may do that here too as I think it looks neat.

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