July 3, 2013

Finished the backdrop - 500th Post

I finished the backdrop for McCook's Landing just in time for the 500th post to the blog.  McCook's is almost done. There are just a few detailing and infrastructure tasks left.

I was very pleased with how the photo extension of D.S. Barmore worked out. AW says that it is now her favorite building as she really likes how I used photos to extend the left wing and add depth to the interior.

Overview of the left side of McCook's Landing. All the backdrops are done including the alleys between the buildings.

I used a photo of the model ship yard and saw mill to add a wing on the left side. I was amazed at how
convincing the computer printed image was at depicting the rest of the building.

I am now thinking the engine shed should have a roof.
I actually built two water tanks as the first one was a little too big for the spot. I saved it for use on Aquia Landing.

The photo flat is visible behind the engine shed. The photo had to be slit to accommodate the gap in the sky board
 between the layout sections. Two couplers awaiting installation can be seen on the flat car.

I painted the backdrop behind the engine terminal to represent an open area. Then I  added a few of cutouts from
Brian Kammerer's camp scenes to embellish the area behind the engine shed.
The Silfor flowering grass blend perfectly with the backdrop.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic! When do you pack up and head down to Atlanta? I think the attendees will be truly amazed!