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June 29, 2013

A sawmill tardis?

Only one more structure to go now that D.S. Barmore is complete. Other detailing is continuing.

D.S. Barmore Shipyard and Sawmill is done except for clutter in the foreground. The flag is home made. It almost reaches the top of the layout.

I made a simple saw mill to help detail the interior. Since it will be largely hidden, I did not super-detail it.
It's a lot  bigger on the inside than the outside!  I added a photo backdrop for the building interior to extend its apparent depth. AW really liked this. Now all I need is a Dr. Who figure.
Three escorts have joined the staff group. These figures are by Sash and Saber. I drew the XXIII Corps
flag on my computer.

While I was making flags, I made a new one for the post office. I didn't like the other one. It had black lines in between the stripes, plus the colors were not quite right.


  1. Beautiful, fantastic details and great atmosphere...

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Can you add some description about how you did the flags? Material? How you "curled" it, especially w/o destroying or cracking your ink/paint?

  3. You don't need a Doctor Who figure, you need one of these:
    No one seems to have made one in O scale yet, though.