April 28, 2014

Accokeek Creek Redo

New water surface at Accokeek Creek. The water fall over the spillway needs to be added next.

I reworked the water in Accokeek Creek this weekend.

Revised bank
For the front part of the creek, I wiped away the resin while it was still wet. After a few days I scraped away the old banks and built new banks with water putty. I did not like the way the old bank widened by the fascia. I also made the banks deeper. The terrain slopes here and the Magic Water would run to the front edge if I did not make the channel deeper at the fascia and less steep overall. It still has a slight pitch down toward the fascia.

Adding some texture before the pour
I did not worry too much about the ground cover, as I will add that when the resin cures. The resin will seep via capillary action up any ground scatter that is along the bank. So it is best to scenic the waters edge after the resin cures.

I used my photoflood to warm the resin as it cured. With the light shining it cured in about 2 hours to the point where I could add some ripples in the resin. I poked the resin with a wooden coffee stirrer to make the ripples.

For the back part of the creek, I repainted the banks and much of the existing resin surface to disguise the rusty red color. Then I poured a fresh layer of Magic Water with some brown and green drops of Testors enamel.

Resin with ripples

In a few days I will add some fresh texture to the banks with lots of tall weeds and grass.
I also added a thin layer of clear resin to the surface of Potomac Creek. This helps enhance the illusion of water depth. Still not sure what to do about ripples here.

Overall, I am very pleased with the Magic Water. I am now convinced that I will use this for the main water surfaces at Aquia Landing.


  1. Wow! That's looking very realistic, Bernie. I like your explanation, as well as your review of the Magic Water. I plan on getting some, to use as 'puddles' in small areas alongside the rails, in the ditches, similar to how it looks all summer on the RF&P.

  2. I'll use magic water next time instead of resin. When's the book coming out?

  3. The book is scheduled for Jan 2015 release.