April 16, 2014

Accokeek Creek Scenery

I am wondering what to do between the pines and the trees to the right. I am thinking of connecting the two
areas with more bare trees.
I've been plugging away at the scenery at Accokeek Creek for the past few nights. The static GrassTechII is getting a work out. I am fairly pleased with it as it works great, when you remember to turn it on. In a few nights this area should be done.

Here are some work in progress shots with wet scenery. It is hard to capture the correct color with my iPhone.  The grass is not quite as green as the images show.

I plan to extend the fence at the angle to the backdrop

View toward Accokeek creek and the south end of Brooke siding.


  1. Bernie,
    Scenery is looking great! Static grass machine really brings a scene to life doesn't it!

    I was wondering if you would be willing to give the clinic you gave at the SMD mini-con again at our MER convention in Oct. Also, would you be willing to present on paper mills, also? We have someone doing steel mills.
    I was the one doing the Hunterline Stains, so you can put a face to my name.
    Bill Reynolds contact info: reynoldspumpkinfarm@gmail.com

  2. The green looks spring-like and very good here, even altered as you say.
    The bare trees would look great to be continued, not sure what species these branches are, but these look like trees growing in the middle of a forest and it would be good to have a few fuller ones on the tree-line.
    The proportion of track to scenery is the best thing about this scene for me.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I did extend the forest and painted more trees behind it on the backdrop. So it looks a lot fuller and avoids the even spacing issue that I did not mention, but did observe. I also muted the contrast between the under pine and the grassy areas. It is starting to come together.