April 25, 2014

Love that dirty water

I added another layer of Magic Water to Potomac Creek. Before pouring the water I mixed in a few drops of Testors Enamel Dark Brown and Olive Drab Green. The effect of the muddy layer on top of the existing layer of water and dark creek bed is quite convincing.  This matches the colors I see when looking at satellite images of Potomac Creek.

I still have not decided what to do about the rusty water in Accokeek Creek. I suspect I will paint over it and start again with a treatment like Potomac Creek.

BTW That music video brings back memories of my time living next to the Charles at Tappa Kegma (really Kappa Sigma) while at the 'Tute. I even took sailing lessons on that river, but I never went in. It was very unhealthy when I was there. I understand they cleaned it up now. Got to love that dirty water.....


  1. Bernie, are you going to add some current and foam as the water flows around the log footings, or is Potomac Creek pretty calm in this area?

    Keith Hayes
    Leadville in Sn3

  2. I am undecided. The photos do show some current in Potomac Creek. But the last time I added a light coat of gloss acrylic gel to the Magic Water surface at Clairborne Creek, I did not like the way it came out. I am open to suggestions.

  3. Excellent wotk, love the bank!