April 10, 2014

GrassTech II Static Grass Machine

The glue is still wet in these photos
My Heki Flockstar Grasshopper static grass machine stopped working a while ago. It was disappointing as I did not use it very much. Recently I ordered a GrassTech II machine from GrassTechUSA. It arrived today, so I tried it out.

Accokeek Creek getting some scenery work.
Note the new embankment for the creek.
It definitely works. I was able to apply tall grass fibers were easily using the plug-in cord. I did not try the 9V battery option.

I am adding a bit more green to the layout as the grass and trees start greening up in Virginia in early April, about when I am modeling. I haven't picked an exact date yet.

While I was at it I reworked the creek bed for Accokeek Creek building up an small embankment with mud (dirt and dilute white glue).
Once this dries I'll go back to clean up the loose fibers,  and add some individual shrubs and plants.

The GrassTech II - Made in the USA

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