April 1, 2014

Taking GI Joe to a whole new level

This is a group of UK modelers, called Kampfgruppe VonAbt, that work in 1/6th scale. They specialize in photographing their models to create realistic scenes.

 Here is their website.

There are hundreds of photos of their hyper realistic dioramas on the site. That is real fire in the sample image from their Scorched Earth gallery.

The fellow standing next to the Dora Rail Gun puts the size of these models in perspective.

And yes, they do make 1/6th scale ACW figures. A 1/6 scale 4-4-0 would be awesome.

Check out Rosewoods website for some well done ACW scenes, but no trains.

1 comment:

  1. This is just INSANE! Very well done. Looks pretty accurate. If they would just 'dull down' some of the figures' faces, they'd be even more believeable. Thanks for sharing!