January 3, 2015

President Lincoln's Coffin and Veteran Reserve Guard

The last part of the Lincoln Funeral Train project was to make a model of Lincoln's coffin and one of the Veteran Reserve Guards.  References indicate that the coffin was only 6' 6" long, a tight fit for the 6'4" President.

The coffin is black with laser engraved details. It was hard to get a decent photo of it. I placed the coffin on a small platform that is cover with black drapes.

The soldier measures about 6 feet tall. The figure started as a Monarch Miniatures Gunner. I added the belts, epaulettes and other details to depict a Veteran Reserve Guard.

The platform and the figure are on a small section of wooden floor. I did not have any photos of the coffin on display in Baltimore, so I kept this simple.

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