August 8, 2015

Backdrop for Project Layout Arrived

Test shot trying to capture the look of trains dwarfed by the massive cranes at Pasha Stevedores. This part of the backdrop composition was risky as the color, perspective and or sharpness had to be right or the image wouldn't work. This looks like it was successful.
This is the prototype scene we
are trying to capture.

The backdrop prints arrived from LARC Products today. I rolled them out on the family room floor to take a quick look. They came out great.

Later that evening I taped-up one temporarily to the wall to check it out. The scene with the large cranes had me worried as they were a lot of ways that part of the backdrop could not work. The color saturation, perspective and sharpness all could make it look unrealistic. So I did a mock up and I think it worked out nicely.

The backdrop is very sharp. I was a bit worried about that as I used a 150 dpi image (at 57,000 pixels wide it was already over 1.2 GB in size.) The colors are a little unsaturated, which adds an element of distance. That effect is more noticeable in the iPhone shots. In person, the colors look spot on.

I went with their Fab-Tex material because it was removable and reposition-able.

Now to get the backdrop and benchwork installed. Then on to laying some track.

If you are interested in this backdrop, I have granted LARC Products permission to print this backdrop for other users. They plan to add it to their product line.
Backdrop temporarily taped in place with mocked-up benchwork.
Taking a look at the backdrop on the
floor of the family room just after it arrived.

Another test shot with more distant ships and cranes.


  1. nice. I've had good luck with photo backdrops.

  2. Stunningly real, Bernie! Position and distance look pretty accurate! Certainly believable!