August 17, 2015

Bird's Eye View of Mormon Island and East Basin

This image from Bing Bird's Eye view shows the area modeled in the PoLA layout. The blue lines are the tracks that the plan includes to one degree or another. The pink lines are not modeled.  I had to bend some things around to fit the Vopak loadout into the plan. I also flipped the pierside tracks, shown as dotted blue lines. They are now out of service, but I wanted to include tracks that run along a pier.

Note the BBC Charters break bulk carrier ship  at Pasha Stevedores. That ship is very similar to the one I will have on the layout.

This image is a few years old. The Pacific Harbor Line moved the main yard from Pier A, as shown in the photo,  to a point just to the left of this image. The former Pier A yard will become an expanded container terminal.

This image illustrates one of the neat things about modeling the modern era. You can research current operations via Bing Maps and Google Earth.


  1. back at the 1996 NMRA Convention we got a tour of what was then Met Steve (before or after PHL) and they had a Pet Coke facility with a big geodesic dome. Is this the same place?

  2. I believe you are referring to the former coal export facility on Terminal Island. That facility closed after 6 or so years. The city removed the coal and coke and converted the area for additional container yards. The loop track is still evident on google and bing maps.