August 30, 2015

Kalmbach accepting orders for my next book

Here is an ad Model Railroader is running in the October Issue. A preview of the book is available on the Kalmbach Books web page at this link.

 These are 45 new, never before published, track plans.

 The timing might not work out, but I hope to have copies of my next book at the the MARPM next month. The book is due on 30 September 2015.


  1. Bernie:
    I found my copy waiting for me Tuesday night. Another great job. I was impressed by the variety of themes and the imagination they showed, especially in the smaller layouts. I particularly liked Warrenton, the Overland Route, the trench railway and West Bottoms (I am in O Scale and went to high school nearby).

    One question: On the trench railway, should "On14" be "On24"? That seems more accurate for 60cm (I think On26 would be even more so).

    Thanks again for more inspiration.


  2. Matthew,
    I'm glad you enjoy the book.

    On14 is a set of model railway standards for accurately modelling 2 ft (610 mm) narrow gauge railways in 1:43.5 (7 mm scale) using 14 mm (0.551 in) gauge track.

    The first published On14 standards appeared in Model Railway Constructor magazine, September 1951. The article was titled “A Narrow Gauge Layout” and was by Douglas Clayton. He advocated HO standards, less 2.5mm coupled with coarse scale OO wheelsets set to 12.5 mm back to back. A subsequent article in 1953 provided details of his layout. Very little more happened regards the development of On14 until Roy Link published a new set of standards (1993 — revised 1994) in his magazine Narrow Gauge and Industrial Railway Modelling Review. They were developed for his range of O14 kits — now produced by David Janes under the name KBscale. They are based on the proven 4 mm scale EM standards (BRMSB) and are reasonably close to exact scale especially considering the variations to be found in prototype nominal 2′ gauge railways.

    This scale/gauge combination is supported by the On14 Group (an informal web based society) and the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association.

  3. Ahhh:

    Learned something new. Also enjoying my re-read of the book. Thanks.