August 8, 2015

Bench Work of PoLA Layout

I had to modify the design on the far right as the space between this layout and the ACW layout was tight.

Parts for the open grid pre-drilled in the backyard
Kreg Jig in action

I nearly finished the benchwork for the PoLA layout this afternoon. I built it as a open grid screwed to the top of the Ikea Ivar shelf supports. The construction went pretty quickly. The walls were square, which made things easier. There was a slight slope to the floor, so I had to adjust for that.

I like using a Kreg Jig when building open grid bench work with butt-joined parts. The Kreg Jig makes strong joints as no screws go into end grain. It also makes a neat finished product. I prefabricated the joist outside in the beautiful weather.

Benchwork parts screwed to the wall and the Ikea shelves. 

I first screwed the ledger to the wall. Using the  Kreg Jig I could  screw the joists to the the ledger from the inside. I built the "ladder" joist by joist and checked to make sure all was square as I went along.

The fascia will be made from 4" hardboard strips.

Test fitting the fascia. The joists over the TV had to be installed on the flat side to allow room. The TV is under the benchwork, but is visible without obstruction from the sofa and chair.

The corner of the layout will have a curved fascia section.


  1. That's fantastic, and I learned something new! Never heard of a Kregg jig - will have to pick your brain some on getting and learnimg how to use one, as I will probably build a bigger shelf layout, in a box grid style verses using hollow core doors. when we eventually move to Utah. Nice work as usual, Bernie!

    1. This video cover it in detail

    2. Finally watched this (2 years late apparently!) and it shows some great ideas for benchwork. Thankfully, I've got a bit, as it's still 899 til I hope to retire and then figure out when and how we get out to Utah. Thanks again, Bernie. Good stuff!