August 23, 2018

O Scale National Convention

Kent Smiley runs a train while Steve Bird (I think - his handwriting was hard to read)
Marty holding forth on civil war naval guns

The O scale National Convention is underway this weekend in Rockville, MD. I hosted an open house for the attendees. About 30 of them arrived to see the layout. Kent Smiley, Marty McGuirk, Brad Trencamp, Doug Gurin, Jeff and Christian Peck helped run trains while I answered questions from the guests.

On Saturday I will be presenting two talks at the convention.

Yes, Marty has a padded room in his house.
Hmm, is this ruler straight?
One of my modules in the Honda CRV
On the module front, one of my modules made its first road trip to Marty's house so he can catch up on constructing his module. Next weekend we'll get the track down and then my two modules will return home so I can finish all the track.

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