August 15, 2009

More on link and pin couplers

The discussion on link and pin couplers reminded me of Harold Minkwitz's solution to L&P couplers in On30 scale. He documented it on his web page at Pacific Coast Airliner. He had 18 inch radius curves on his layout and the coupler swing on the tight curves caused L&Ps to derail the cars. So he devised a modified 3/16th inch staple as a "U" shaped hook to connect the cars. These allow for swing and provided near slack free operation. The coupler drawbars on the cars are basically modeled to scale. So in photos the cars look prototypical. I think this is very clever. I may try this idea if the link and pins prove too troublesome.

Harold's site had lots of neat and useful information. He has since taken it down.

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