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February 11, 2010

First Run over Potomac Creek Bridge

The bridge at Potomac Creek is finally done. I got it installed and tested over the snowy weekend. The scenery is not complete, but the bridge construction is. Here is a short video showing the first runs across it.

Although I made good progress on the bridge, I did encounter a problem with the roadbed just to the east of the bridge. The roadbed warped laterally and was causing derailments. I could not get it level, so I had to rip out a section and must do it over. You can see the construction in the last clip in the video in the distance. Oh well, two steps forward, one step back.


  1. Sweet, Bernie! Looks like a million bucks.

    I noticed a couple of new locos available from SMR Trains.

  2. Are you referring to the McCallum and Pocahontas? I ordered a McCallum as it is a USMRR engine, though I think it served out west.

    Pretty soon I will be flush with engines and won't need anymore. Though i kinda would like to try building my own at some point.

  3. Excellent work Bernie!!

    I hope that you have a lookout boy posted on the bridge in case the Rebels are fixing for some trouble ....


  4. Nicely done Bernie! Looking forward to more video of this - and maybe an open house one of these days.

  5. Liked the clip so much; I recut a version of it with revised sountrack from an old Civil War movie.

    I see you've posted longer version on YouTube with
    Civil War images of the bridge. Very Nice.