June 14, 2010

Saratoga Battlefield Visitor Center

On our trip to Montreal we stopped by the National Park Service Saratoga Battlefield Visitor Center. I had never been to that battlefield before. It is a nice park that preserves a good portion of the actual terrain, which is very rough.

I was pleasantly surprised to find these two excellent dioramas depicting scenes from the battle.

The dioramas are presented as shadow boxes. The viewing window is about 3 feet square, with about 2 feet deep scenes. The figures are hand sculpted using forced perspective, so they are not the same scale.

The forest scene has some of the best model trees I've seen. Each leaf is modeled correctly.

The backdrop paintings are extremely well integrated into the scenes. The lighting used in the diorama works very well for viewing in person, but it made photography difficult.

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  1. Christopher PetersonJune 15, 2010

    That is an amazing display. Thank you for sharing.

    I've been enjoying your progress on your own USMRR for over a year and have enjoyed seeing the progress you make.