November 2, 2010

Expansion Plan - Green Light

I gave the contractor the green light for the expansion plan. They will start on Monday to remodel the walls for the expanded harbor area. Based on advice from Paul, Marty and Alicia, we will not be adding the new wall, just removing the existing closet. Not adding the wall actually allows about the harbor scene to extend an extra foot or so. Here is a revised drawing.

The benchwork will utilize a enclosed structure thereby creating storage space under the layout to make up for the lost space from the removed closet.

I will remove some of the existing benchwork and skyboard painting in the current workshop to make room for the new space. The contractor was worried about losing the artwork, but I explained that I understood it must go and that I'll paint new scenes.

Once the space is opened up, I will assess how big to make the harbor. I think this will be an impressive scene. Here is a conceptual look at what it might look like as you come down the stairs.

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