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November 30, 2010

National Park Service Fredericksburg Blog

I recently discovered a nicely done blog by staffers at the Fredericksburg National Park, though the blog is unofficial. Eric Mink,  Noel G Harrison, and John Hennessy are the primary contributors. They cover all aspects of the civil war in the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania region. They have posted several items that are directly applicable to my layout. Some that I found interesting and useful are:

Aquia Landing Slides a Powerpoint slide show with pictures of Aquia Landing and some useful maps, but I believe they have the location of Yuba Dam and Burnside's wharf backwards.

Aquia Exposed a view of the pier remains at Aquia

The Evolution of Aquia Landing  A nice summary of Aquia Landing.

The Railroad Bridges over Potomac Creel - Bean poles and trusses  The comments that accompany this post are quite good and include links to the original hand written letter Herman Haupt wrote describing why he built the trestle.

I reported this incident in my earlier post,  Haupts encounter with Hooker, but this link will take you to scans of the original letters.

Their post on the Washington Woolen Mill also provides a lot more information about this mill that I mentioned in an earlier post.  It was actually in Fredericksburg, but I may relocate this to Brook on my layout. I already have an N Scale model of the Charlottesville Woolen Mills that I could use in the background for forced perspective, or I could build a model of the Washington Woolen MIll mill.

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