May 19, 2011

Mallory Map 1862

I visited the Library of Congress Map Room looking at the Sanborn Maps for some more evidence of the track alignment at Falmouth. I was unable to find any of Sanborn maps for that area, but I did come across this map entitled, "Part of the north bank of the Rappahannock River showing the approaches to Fredericksburg : prepared under the direction of Capt. R.S. Williamson & 1st Lt. Nicolas Bowen, Corps Topogl. Engrs., U.S.A. for the use of the Army of the Potomac. Compiled by Fred. Churchill, vol. A.D.C. Decr. 1862 / drawn by C.A. Mallory."

In reviewing this map, I noticed that it shows the location of the station at Falmouth as well as a double ended siding.  Here is an excerpt of the map showing the area applicable to my railroad. I colorized it to make terrain features easier to see. The whole map is available here if you wish to download it..

Note that the tracks run on the east side of  Clairborne Run. They were relocated sometime in the 1920s to the west side where they still reside. The former site of the station is currently occupied by an Elk Lodge off Cool Spring Road. Note how the town of Falmouth is not near the station.  

Keen observers will note that I have the road to the Lacy house on the wrong side of the station on my layout. I also have the Lacy House where the Philips House  should be. Phillips house burned during the Union occupation, so only the four chimneys would be visible. Perhaps I will change the backdrop.
The remains of Phillips House east if Falmouth Station


  1. Where's Norm's house on this map? :-)

  2. About a mile or two to the right of Phillips House.