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June 24, 2012

Grain Shed at Stoneman's Station

Prototype photo showing freight platforms under construction.
Note the big logs in the foreground.
I added the shed structure for the grain wharf at Stoneman's Station. The prototype photo shows the inspiration for the model. I used laser cut basswood for the frames and cooking parchment paper for the cloth roofing. I also nearly finished the small shed next to the grain wharf.

The tree next to the sheds is supposed to be a pine. I need to figue out the best way to simulate that small tree. This tree is a stand-in for now. It will go in a different spot later.

The rafters are laser cut basswood. By using the laser, the miter joints are exact and repeatable.

I have two photos of this shed from opposite directions, thus I know they only partially sided the back. Note
also the vertical siding on the gable and horizontal siding on the rear wall.

I like how the roof overhangs the tracks slightly.  Since the interior of the gable wall will be visible, I scribed
wood seam lines on the plain back of the Mt Albert siding using a 0.5mm pencil.

Still lots of details to add including stairs, grain sacks, telegraph lines, crates, hard tack boxes, tents, and people.

A view of the sidings being worked by the engine Haupt.


  1. Great work Bernard! But how do you determine your dimensions for these buildings?

  2. I have to estimate from the photos using the box cars, people and other "standard" things. However, since everything is selectively compressed on my layout, I have to use a lot of artistic judgement to get it to look right. I am pleased at how this scene is starting to look. This is the first scene you see as you enter the main room. The grain shed has just the right amount of visual bulk.

  3. Love the look and feel of the buildings. The not quite perfect alignment but it still looks neat or orderly. Wonderfully done

  4. One dilemma I faced was due to the fact that I put Stoneman's Station on a curve, but the prototype is straight. I fretted about the curved sidings and platforms, but it the end it worked out.

    The misaligned buildings are based on the prototype photos. I am trying to mimic that aspect, even though I am doing a mirror image of the scene. I have been experimenting with the alignment of the little shed. I also need to squeeze in a tent or two and a conductors car mounted on a fixed platform into the scene.

  5. This might be a dumb question (wouldn't be the first I ever asked of someone ;) Are you building the buildings in place? Or just positioning them on the layout each time you take a progress shot?

    They look great BTW.

  6. The freight platforms I build in place, but most of the structures I tend to build on the work bench and then install later. Some I leave removable for access to the interiors.

  7. Thank you Bernie! Keep up the great building!

  8. Nice stuff! We're sharing the same challenge, building from old prototype photos that sometimes only show part of what we're building. It's an interesting challenge, but at the same time, it's hard for the rivet-counters to find fault!