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April 15, 2013

Thurmond Coal Dock

I finished the pilot model of the Thurmond Coal Dock in HO Scale. Actually, that is not true, I still need to add the Fairbanks Morse sign and a wooden small shed on the trackside, but otherwise it is done.

I have not decided if I will sell this as a kit. There is still a fair amount of work to go from the pilot model stage to a sellable kit. The instruction book is probably as much work as developing the kit. We will see what kind of demand there is from C&O modelers.  This pilot model will go to a client in who is modeling the C&O New River Subdivision in the steam era.

The Fairbanks Morse sign will be added to this wall.


  1. It looks fantastic! If I was a C&O modeler I'd certainly want/buy one!

  2. That's a beautiful structure, Bernie- very nicely done! I only wish I had room for it on my layout. Or that I was modeling Thurmond! Someone is going to be very happy having that signature structure on their layout.

    Tom Patterson

  3. Oh yeah!!!! Will look good on my upcoming Free-mo

  4. Amazing detail and very well done.