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April 19, 2013

USMRR Timetable for ET&Ga RR 1864

I recently found this image of a time table for the USMRR operated section of the East Tennesse and Georgia Railroad. There is a lot of information contained on this image and it is worth studying.
Note the Western and Atlantic trains listed on the timetable. The Special instructions are very interesting. The link for the high resolution image is here.


  1. That is a an outstanding find. Do you have a copy of the Rule Book?

  2. Yes, I do have a copy of one of the USMRR Rule books. It is only 12 pages long and has what I would consider remqarkably few rules in it. It is nothing like the more current Consolidated Code of Rules.

  3. Bernie,
    Sounds like it was a lot less stress to "write the book" for the trainmen on the USMRR than later TOC era trainmen.