May 12, 2013

Punch List

The backdrop is a key element of the depot scene

Repainted backdrop on Biscuit Run

The remaining tasks list to finish the road show is still pretty long, but it took a good hit Saturday after our work session. Paul Dolkos, Joel Salmons, Gerry Fitzgerald and new comer, Michael Spoor, participated in the session. Paul took on the task of building a covered barge. Andy Small had earlier agreed to build a well barge. So that should give us two barges for the river front. I also built a row boat to help clutter the waterfront. Joel finished the artillery revetment. Michael worked on installing the windows in the engine house. Gerry built the platform for the depot, installed the start of a pole line, drilled holes for the burned dock and added some more scenic details to Biscuit Rn.

 I worked on the shipyard warehouse. I also installed the sidewalk for the post office and sutler's store, finished the backdrop behind the depot including a forced perspective fence.  On Biscuit Run, I added the burned farm house, and added more trees.

I also decided to repaint the backdrop on Biscuit Run. As I studied the photos I realized the trees behind the burned farm house were too light.  Now the backdrop matches the foreground trees much better.  Finally I got out the airbrush and painted the shoreline and blended the scene with an overspray of various browns.
Michael installing the engine house

At this point Biscuit Run and the Depot sections are just about complete, with just some fine details remaining and the water.


  1. Very nice diorama build. I really like the Biscuit Run bridge. As I would like change my Campbel's Warner Trust to a period accurate bridge, I was wondering if you could share with me the plans for this bridge?

    Bob Harris

  2. Bob - I don't have a set of plans per se. I designed it on the laser and cut the pieces as needed. I believe I followed the overall plans in Haupt's book, but tailored the dimensions to this site.