May 7, 2013

Scenery Continues...

Haupt inspects the new scenery

I did a couple hours of scenery work tonight. I added a second layer to Biscuit Run. This included various colors of ground foam, chopped up twigs, more patches of dirt and static grass. I added a few trees in the background too.  A few more, better detailed trees are required for the foreground.  Biscuit Run is almost done except for some trees, the burned dock, and what ever other details Gerry wants to add.

Wet scenery on the Shipyard section

I continued to the shipyard section where I added ballast and the base coat of texture.Then I worked on the trail along the foreground that leads to the site of the future marine shipways by adding static grass, twigs, and muddy ruts on the trail.

I really am enjoying building this green scenery. The winter colors on my layout were getting tiresome, though I think I do prefer the winter scenery overall.

Last week I received a sample of Microtrains N Scale ACW era cars. They are very finely done.

I must admit that after working primarily in O Scale for the past 4 years, I had trouble getting the N Scale wheel sets back in their trucks as some popped loose in shipment. But I eventually got them seated. I posed three of the box cars on one of my flat cars.

At some point, I plan to try a small N scale diorama with these items and some of the other cool stuff that GHQ, Atlas and other manufacturers offer in N Scale.

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