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September 12, 2013

Night Ops and Photos

In my comments to previous post I mentioned that a key challenge of this layout is to how simulate night operations. Since the railroad operates at night, but in black out conditions, it will be really tricky to simulate. Artillery flashes on the horizon, droning of high flying night bombers, sounds of tanks and vehicles clankering along, the steady tromp of infantry marching off are all special effects that one could try.  But this layout is not supposed to be a minature Minatur Wunderland. While it is fun to speculate about these, I think I will stick to Photoshop to convey the night ops,  at least for the book. Here are some examples of what  night photos might look like via Photoshop.

Day version

Night Version


  1. I went to a WWI commemorative event of War Posters and they had a soundtrack looping in the background which truly evoked the time...machine guns chattering in the distance ...artillery explosions and the drone of airplanes, tramping of troops in the mud...along with period music...etc......Everything was very subtle but the effect was palatable...

  2. If this layout morphs to a museum type display, I will have to seriously consider a sound effect system.