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December 28, 2014

Gauge 1 Lincoln Funeral Car Finished

Here are some photos of the finished 1/32nd scale models of the Lincoln Funeral car. The model is posed on my O scale layout, so the tracks are too close, but the customer requested some photos on the layout.


  1. WOW! Beautiful job. How did you do the gold striping on the panels below the rail and on the pedestals and journal boxes? And the drapery?

    Keith Hayes
    Leadville in Sn3

  2. Most of the pin striping is laser cut and then inlaid in matching laser engraved grooves. It took a lot of experiments to get it right.

    The black bunting is made with two part epoxy putty.

  3. Looks great. What kind of minimum radius does it need?
    This will Alkem's first RTR car, right?

  4. Yes, it's RTR, but it is going to a static display in the B&O Railroad Museum. I doubt it will ever run on a track. I don't know of too many 1/32nd scale layouts, though it would work on G scale track.

    As I built it I made the brakes and suspension fully functional. But in a moment of sanity, I decided to lock down the suspension to make it more reliable in case the wish to move it.
    Have no idea what the minimum radius required is. Given that it is 1/32nd scale, I'd say at least 48 inches.

    Now that it is done, there are a few things I would do differently, if I had to build another one. The main thing I would do is raise the price. This was a lot of work.