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February 22, 2015

Unexpected bonus

The remnants of the foam layer of the layer makes a relatively small pile.
As I was taking the foam pieces to the trash, I noticed that I could pop some of the track sections intact from the foam scenery. I used 1/8 inch plywood sub roadbed glued to the foam.

I was able to salvage three turnouts from McCooks, a double crossover and a single turnout. Since I only need 9 more turnouts to finish my home layout, these will come in handy.
Three turnouts salvaged from McCook's Landing.

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  1. Very Fortunate, indeed! I imagine they aren't 'stock' and easily purchased at a LHS (if there are any left in VA), so I'm guessing you hand-laid them, so who cares they are retreads? Salvage is good!