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June 25, 2015

L'Hermione Visits Alexandria

Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

One of the nice things about living near Washington, DC is that a lot of interesting things happened and continue to happen here. The visit of the French Frigate L'Hermione is a recent example.

L'Hermione was the ship that carried the Marquis de Lafayette from Rochefort, France, to Boston in 1780 with the welcome news that the French were sending arms, ships and men to help the colonists fight the British.

The symbolic return of L'Hermione pays homage to Lafayette and this historic relationship between France and the U.S. The story of the replica L'Hermoine is quite interesting. You can read more about it here.

I saw the L'Hermoine when it stopped in Alexandria for a few days last week. I did not go on the ship. I could only observe it from the piers. It was great to see an authentic tall ship once again docked at Alexandria.

This nautical visit ties in nicely with a new project I am working on for the Lyceum, Alexandria's City Museum. But more about that later.

Docked at Alexandria, VA

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