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June 27, 2015

Op session on Marty McGuirk's CV Layout

Not bad for iPhone 5S hand held with available light

Paul Dolkos (yard master), John Pagoni, Rich Steinman and Bob Sprague
are actual crew members doing real model railroad operations. (Doug Gurin,
Jeff Mutter, and Tony were also present but not photographed)

Since my wife has become a golf addict my typical Saturday has involved early morning golf practice at Goftec and then a round of golf at a nearby course, usually followed by a nap. That routine was interrupted this weekend by heavy rains. So instead of playing golf after practice, I took up Marty's offer to attend his op session on his CV HO scale layout.

Now when I say attend his op session, I really mean just visit. He already had a full crew. So my participation in the session was basically to distract the operators and dispatcher, and then eat a wonderful lunch that Chris prepared.
Marty gives dispatcher Doug some help. The window and wall behind
are where the layout will expand.

Shooting the breeze and eating ---now there are two skills in which I am very qualified.

It was fun seeing the guys and catching up. And I don't think I was too much of a distraction as the layout appeared to run well. We also witnessed another quintessential Doug Gurin moment when Beauregard (one of Marty's Basset Hounds) stole Doug's bagel from his knapsack.

Marty is making nice progress on the layout. He even is talking expansion plans.

Yes, the lunch was GREAT! Chris made a slow cooked pork BBQ with a special rub spice mix and plum sauce. Thanks Chris.

Alkem Scale Models coal dock in situ.

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