July 8, 2015

B&O 1852 Rule Book

Last month I posted some information about a pre-ACW Timetable for the B&O Railroad. In that post I cited the B&O Book of Rules, a book I did not have. Nicholas Fry, of the Barriger National Railroad Library, saw that post and sent me a copy of the B&O book of rules from 1852. Many thanks to he and Henry Freeman, who facilitated the transfer of the book to me.

Here are some pages from the book. The book has a total of 21 pages with about 10 relating to rules, the rest time tables and other interesting data. I need to study these in more detail.

In some ways this kind of information, combined with the nearness of the B&O Museum, makes me wish I had chosen the B&O as my Civil War era prototype subject.  But life is full of tough choices and I am happy with my decision to model the USMRR.

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