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April 28, 2016

Quarterdeck Modifications

3D test of the new lifeboat launch appliance
I added the quarter deck tonight. Since my superstructure was bigger than the kit plans, I had to make the quarterdeck longer by 1.5 inches to make room for the freefall life boat. This extended the bow edge of  the quarter deck past the curve in the bulwark, so I added to notches to the quarter deck to bring the outside edges back aft. I will put stairs in these locations.   I hope the naval architects don't object too seriously to my mods.

I had to make a new free fall lifeboat appliance as the one that came with the kit one was now too long due to its shallow angle. I based  the lifeboat appliance on a Norsafe design as I was able to download its plans on-line. The photos show a paper and 3D mockup. I will made a more detailed version later.

Next step is to cut away the below waterline part of the hull and get it ready for priming.

Extended quarterdeck and notches.

Paper mock up of the new freefall lifeboat appliance
to check dimensions

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