April 19, 2016

The Super Structure

I am back to work on the Port of Los Angeles Layout after completing several other projects.

It's difficult to see flaws in the unpainted acrylic.
A coat of primer is  mandatory to spot
flaws and help fill in gaps.
The first task on the plate is to finish the model of the general cargo ship. I earlier had discussed the problem I had with the paint on the superstructure. I ended up building two more iterations of the superstructure. The final version uses laser cut acrylic plastic for the main walls and decks, strip styrene, and photo etched stanchions and stairs from Deans Marine. The stairs were very tricky to get just right. Look for a new product for Alkem Scale Models to simplify this tricky task.

Base color is white with a maroon deck
 and fluorescent red wind dodger.
The stairs were very tricky to get just right.

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