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January 16, 2017

Aquia Landing Concept Sketch

For those of you that don't recall, here is a early artist concept I drew for Aquia Landing on my layout back in November 2010. The key is to have easy access to the tracks on the wharf. That is why the tracks on the right side of the wharf are so close to the aisle.
I am following this early concept fairly closely, though the benchwork is more a
rounded rectangle that the oval end shown in the sketch.

I am currently laying track in Aquia Landing. I tried ballasting some of the track before spiking the rail. But I think I prefer to do the ballasting after the rail is in. Seems like it will be easier to change things that way if I find I need to make adjustments.  Film at 11.

On Sunday, I took my mom for a visit to the Lyceum to see the Alexandria Waterfront Diorama on display. She enjoyed the visit.  The diorama has a single primary light directly above and slightly to the rear. That makes the front of the buildings in shadow. It looks good in person, but the back lighting makes taking a photo difficult.


  1. Hi, first I just want to say that I enjoy your blog and especially the posts about actaul layout construction. Secondly, I have a question about your ties. In the photo above it looks as if the ties, at least some of them, have slightly rounded corners. Is that following prototype practise of the time, and if so, what caused that effect? Or is it just a feature of your model ties?
    Lennart, Ekerö, Sweden

    1. They are supposed to simulate rough ties that were trimmed with axes. I laser cut them to look uneven from basswood sheets.

  2. I see, thanks. A nice touch.