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January 23, 2017

Almost Halfway there!

I installed three more turnouts today. That makes 5 so far - almost halfway there!  I also used up the first bag of 1,000 spikes.
This switch stand had to be mounted away from the points
due to lack of clearance between the tracks,

These are key turnouts as they feed the yard tracks to the wharf and wye.   So far they run smooth. I need to cut gaps before running trains through.

I decided to add an additional stub track off the nearest yard track. That will serve the bakery. This track is nearly long enough to hold a 7 car train, so it can also be used as slough track when switching the yard if the bakery spots are empty. That's why finishing 5 turnouts is not quite halfway. I now have 11 in Aquia Landing.


  1. Looking good! I like the nice variety of tie colours.

  2. Looks great! I need to get my switches in order. During my demo for a guest, the locos kept picking the switches w/o any throw lever. Need ground throws installed. So you're doin' it right! ;o)