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February 21, 2022

Telegraph Installation Begins

Amby helped me install the telegraph system today. I made a short video describing its operation.

We have all the cables run and one of the 5 stations,  Aquia Landing. installed. It works as designed, which is very rewarding.

We did test the other 4 stations and we found a glitch. They will light the LEDs in the dispatcher panel, but will not drive the sounder. Amby thinks the problem is in the diode stacks that control the LEDs and the length of the cable affecting the overall voltage drop in the signal. The system worked fine at his house with shorter cables, so he suspects that is the issue. 

I have a lot of work to do this week in building and installing the stations. I also need to finish building the display panel on the dispatcher desk.  Amby will be returning next week to continue the installation. 


  1. Very informative and this will no doubt make operations much more interesting!

  2. very cool! First implementation of the OS Reporting version of the Morse Code Buzzer System. Thanks to Amby for excellent field notes!