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April 24, 2022


 I am getting ready to head to Florida via Autotrain to attend Modelfest 2022 hosted by the International Plastic Model Society (IPMS) Space Coast Division. My twin brother is a member. Several months ago he suggested I attend and bring some models to show. The meet has the usual model categories plus some special theme categories. The one that caught my attention was the category called Cinema Militaire. This category is supposed to depict "any misrepresented military equipment from TV or Movies."My first thought were the T-55 tanks that were used to represent Pz-IIIs in the Russian movie "Invinicible" aka as "Tankers."  But, I decided to build a diorama from a different movie. Can you recognize the movie from the images?

Here's a hint, not only is the tank used in the scenes incorrect (it is a M-41 and the unit in the photo did not use M-41s), but the movie location/set itself is "misrepresented," though it was an amazing place to film an urban combat war movie.


  1. Is it Kubrick's 1987 "Full Metal Jacket"?

  2. It is Full Metal Jacket and it was filmed in an old gas works in London.

  3. Wow looks cool, nice job Bernie.

  4. Have fun on the Auto Train! Also, super cool diorama. What scale is it?

    1. The scale is 28mm or 1/56. I will do a more detailed post about the construction at a later date.

  5. Hi this Is Luke Hart and I recognize the scene from full metal jacket