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December 9, 2022

Money Shot - Another Expansion?

 This photo composition will be the money shot when Aquia Landing if (is- a freudian slip???) finished. The ships, and dockside detail will bring the scene to life. But there's a problem. I can't take this photo. Not with out a lot of photoshop work.

This image shows some of the trickery I have to use to digitally extend the waterfront in the foreground. I didn't leave enough room for adequate water scenery in the foreground of the railroad barge. To place the tug boat in this area requires a temporary extension that I made from some scrap lumber. I covered it with black (looks more dark gray in the image) construction paper. 

With the image in Photoshop I added water to the foreground using an actual photo of the Potomac that I took before. That also meant I had to create the reflections of the tug and wharf in the water. It's a time consuming task. It would be much easier if there was water in that area in the actual model. 

To extend the water, I would have to build an extension of the fascia, build a new flat area to fit and then pour resin to fill in. It's doable.

So then, why stop there? What not extend it by a 12-18 inches and make room for even more ships? The mind boggles.

BTW here is a B&W antiqued version of the image as requested by John Drye.


  1. More ships, bigger harbor, water? Yeah Bernie, I think you just have to do it. Sounds like a fun project. Jeff

  2. Hi Bernard,
    Glad to read that you and your wife are well on the way to recovering!

    A few years ago you posted about a virtual City Point layout being developed. I have a friend/Civil War buff who's hopes to build an HO City Point layout ended due to a combination of moving into a tiny condo and medical issues which limit his fine motor skills.

    Have you seen any updates on the virtual project? Do you know if the project intends to be accessible to the general public when completed? I am thinking that might be a pleasant , workable solution to his quest that he would greatly enjoy.

    Any leads to follow up on that virtual layout would be GREATLY appreciated.
    Thanks, Bill Gill