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September 18, 2023

MARPM 2023 Wrap Up

Scott Wahl's new N Scale TTRAK model depicting Vienna, VA. It was enhanced with
nice lighting effects.

Last weekend I attended the MARPM 2023. I am the director of the event so I was very busy during the meet.  I was ably assisted by Robert Sprague, Mike Pulaski and Doug Chapman. The event was very successful. We had about 114 people at the meet. There were 24 clinics from some top notch presenters, as well as 3 hands-on clinics that ran nearly all weekend.  

Plate C was one of the Vendors at the meet.

There were 4 vendors present selling a nice selection of models, books and parts.

Martin conducting his scratch building demo

We held the meet in conjunction with Main Line Hobby Supply Open House Weekend. Thus, there were 44 layouts open for visiting over the 4-day event.  

Tore visiting my railroad on Sunday
Tore Hjellset set the record for furthest travel as he came to the meet from Norway. 

Jim Dufour created a nice photo gallery on Flickr showing some of the models on display. 

There will be a MARPM24.  As you may have heard, our venue in Hunt Valley is closing permanently in October, so we will be searching for a new location and also considering other revamps to our program.

We realize that this year's dates conflicted with many other model and non-model railroad activities, but they were the only open times at our hotel. Furthermore, September-October is a very busy time with events virtually every weekend. If you have suggestions for times or locations please submit them via the comment below or on our Facebook group.

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