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February 17, 2024


Some of the figures in the busts category. In the front row my Castiga (l) got silver, Medusa (Center) and Demophilus (right with blue and white crest) got gold.

Rob and I attended the JAXCON 2024 IPMS meet today in Jacksonville, FL. This is the third year I have attended this meet. It is one of the premier IPMS meets in Florida. The meet was a great success despite some rainy weather. Gil Hodges runs the event and does a great job. I enjoyed meeting many of the people from previous years. Everyone is very friendly and low key. 

This airplane model caught my eye. Very nice, detailed work
There was some excellent work on display. I estimated that there over 500 models entered by about 110 builders. There were also many vendors with model kits and supplies. 

I helped with judging and that kept me very busy. I and my partner Rich were responsible for judging all the figures, all the dioramas, and about half of the ship models. As a result, I didn't get to see many of the armor, cars, or planes. But what I did see was top notch. For example, the float plane at the left looked really nice to me. I also like the red Porsche 917 LeMans winner below.

I liked this Porsche 917 LeMans winner with excellent details and presentation.

I was pleased that I received 4 gold and 1 silver medals.  It is interesting that my figure I liked the best got a silver, while the others got gold.  You ever know about model contests. I made an effort to provide feedback forms for all the models I judged so that the builders know what we found. However, there were no feedback forms for my models, so I don't know what the judges found. 

Rob's HIMARS model got a silver 

Rob received 1 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze medals. 

Our buddy, Dan Pierce, received a bronze medal for a 1/72 German Kreigslok locomotive. I thought the model was extremely well done, but the judges found a seam that was not perfectly finished.  That model will become a component in a joint build that several of us are working on. Stay tuned for that.

Dan's Kreigslok in 1/72nd scale

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