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March 5, 2024

Three Day Marathon Work Session

We just wrapped up a three day marathon work session on the D-Day Diorama. Whew!

Jeff paints figures while Mark and Charlie
drop off more painted figures

On Sunday Mark Franke, Jeff Hammer, John Drye and Tom Karstens joined me for the start of the worksession. Mark worked on the boats, Tom and Jeff worked on figures. I continued work on the WN62 fighting positions.  Later that day Mark and Charlie Fastoso stopped by to drop off the 160 figures that his gaming group painted.  John Drye came by a bit later and finished painting all the German figures. They are in 10mm scale as they will be further back.

Keith working on the figure placement 
Keith Rocco showed up Monday for 2 days of constant work on the diorama. Keith proved to be the Eveready Bunny of modeling as he worked nearly non-stop in the two days he was here. He focused on installing the boats and figures. He also installed most of the pole obstacles. 

Keith discovered that he could modify the poses of the metal figures by bending arms and legs.  He modified many of the figures that are in the water by trimming off their lower body.

He also concentrated on cutting holes in the surf to allow the boats to sit more realistically in the water. 

I worked on the remaining details and fighting positions on WN62. I also finished the command villa, now in a destroyed state.  

We are about 95 percent done with the diorama. Keith took the remaining figure home with him to trim bases and touch up paint. 

I took a few photos tonight to see how it all looks.  

It was a fantastic three days. We should be done with this by next weekend.