February 28, 2010

Sentries Posted

Corporal Agarn's squad has drawn sentry duty at Potomac Creek Bridge. He placed his guards at each end of the bridge and in the valley below.

During his rounds he found Private McGuirk goofing off. Applying some on the spot discipline, he has McGuirk's attention.

All the fuss attracts Brigadier General Haupt and his distinguished visitor, G. Stevenson. Haupt makes sure that this is a day McGuirk won't forget.

Back at his post, Pvt McGuirk paces up and down the bridge. "Things sure would be easier if they added some dang planks to this blame bridge, " he muttered as he gingerly trod across the open bridge beams.

Our chastised private was so focused on not falling off that he failed to notice the locomotive and train drifting slowing across the span. Startled, he nearly lost his balance. "I dint make it off Mayre's Heights just to die on this cussed pile o' sticks," he muttered as the train lumbered by.

These photos illustrate one of the advantages of modeling the ACW RRs in O Scale. The figures can be much more realistic than in the smaller scales.

General Haupt and Private McGuirk are Sash and Saber Figures. Corporal Agarn is a 40mm figure from a manufacturer that I can no longer remember. It is very well sculpted. I bought it many years ago. As I remember, it was the only figure they offered in 40mm. G. Stevenson was painted by Dave Emery.
Bonus, see if you can spot the thing that is out of place or could be considered an anomaly in these photos.

Hint: It's not the W&A Locomotive General running on the USMRR.

Hint 2: It's in the first two pictures.


  1. Sword, vs Spike, bayonet?

  2. Since the corporal is on duty, he should also be 'under arms.'

  3. Not a bad guess, but not what I had in mind. It is possible that the corporal has stacked arms for training or some other detail.

  4. It's a bit hard to make out the rifle/musket itself. Since you've said there's something wrong there, my eye is seeing a "trap-door Springfield" but that may just be an over-active imagination against the lack of resolution on the photo.

  5. LOL! Again, another fun part of the hobby... the photography & story behind the layout makes it really come alove. Nice!

  6. OK, since no one guessed, the anomaly is Cpl Emery's left hand. It is actually a 1/32 detail part from my spares box. Thus his right hand is actually 50 percent too big.